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Malak Kamel

Founder & Director
Licensed Psychologist, M.A.,
Adjunct Instructor of Psychology

Open-up. Think-up. Move-up. That’s the ultimate up-lift and what Up Therapy & Wellbeing is all about. Malak is a licensed counsellor and psychologist, registered with the Order of Counsellors of Quebec, Order Marriage and Family Therapists of Quebec, and the Community Development Authority of Dubai. Her areas of speciality include work on trauma, grief, anxiety, depression, self-development, relationship challenges, inter-generational challenges and navigating cultural identity. Having lived and worked in Canada, the UAE, Egypt, and Trinidad & Tobago, Malak provides therapy services in English, Arabic, and French. She is an active member of the American, the Canadian, and the Middle East Psychological Association.

Malak shines bright when speaking about access to wellbeing services and the need to move the discussion on mental health services forwards in our community. The provision of mental health services is part and parcel of a community’s wellbeing. Malak served the Ministry of Health and Social Services of Quebec, Canada for seven years, developed a program on youth mental health for the Ministry of Social Solidarity of Egypt, and has provided advisory guidance to the Community Development Authority of Dubai, UAE in child and youth protection. She continues to act as a government advisor and engage in community organizations to move mental health forwards. 

Where’s Malak’s favourite place? A library or a bookstore – even if she’s just walking around, which she most probably is. It’s no surprise then that the academic and university setting is a place of comfort for her. Malak is also an Adjunct Instructor of Psychology, having taught at the American University of Sharjah and at the UAE’s Zayed University. An alumni of McGill University herself, she has collaborated in psychosocial research with McGill University, University of Toronto, Columbia University, and Harvard University, and has presented in conferences in Toronto, New York, Washington, and Dubai. Malak also enjoys writing for news articles and appearing on radio chat shows advocating for wellbeing. She has published several articles for The National UAE, Gulf News, and appearing on Life Beats Radio and BBC Arabic. 

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