Up Therapy and Wellbeing is a modern approach to a scientific methodology in mental health awareness and treatment. We’re here to up-lift your wellbeing and empower you towards a growth mindset.



Counselling & Psychotherapy

The ultimate up-lift includes individual, couples, and family therapy. Enjoy your 60 minute Think-Up session, a brief 30 minute Up-Keep session, or a 90-minute Pull-Up session for when you need the extra time.


Psychoeducation & Resources

Growth comes from within. Our readings, worksheets, videos, workshops, and courses will allow you to work inwards at your own pace, benefiting from our services both during and outside sessions.


Group & Community

Supporting you at work, in school, and within your community, we’re here to bridge the gap between groups and move everyone’s wellbeing forwards.


What our clients have to say

"I really didn't know that I was that resilient. Therapy showed me how resilient I am, and I'm so happy I did it. I'd recommend Up to anyone."

M.S., 42 year old

"The booking process is quick and easy. We arrange a time and I just pop into my session and we begin. Super convenient especially since I have uni classes at different hours"

N.B., 21 year old

"Sometimes I'm not always sure what we're going to talk about, but everytime the session ends I come out thinking 'okay now I'm ready for this next week'. It helps me plan and pace out my week."

J.S., 33 year old

"I like that we have an intellectual and challenging dialogue. My mind feels like it's gone to the gym afterwards, and I feel pumped in the same way as after a workout."

T.E.K., 28 year old

"I'm not used to talking about my feelings, It's not how I grew up. It was the opposite actually. But I'm glad I do, and it's comfortable in the session."

A.N., 39 year old

I've learned a lot about myself. And I always felt accepted. I've shared things I haven't told anyone, it was good to say those things out loud and think them through. Things have gotten better too with my wife and at work."

O.A.B., 38 year old

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